Board report from Owners Rep

At the time of writing this report all the clubs have been consulted in relation to the proposed new club based model and for those who do not know Harness Racing New Zealand (HRNZ) are looking at amalgamating  45 clubs into 9 Super clubs. This concept is progressing well at this stage but it will take some time to implement fully and most likely we will see changes to the concept at some stage in the future. It is just a start and at least the clubs are discussing the issues amongst themselves.

HRNZ had commissioned two retired accountants to look at all the clubs financial accounts up to 2014. They found that some clubs were struggling financially  and if they continued as they were currently some would   disappear  over the next few years but all could could not sustain what they  were doing currently long term without making changes. Gaming funds that the clubs had relied on the past  will decline considerably over the next few years.

Our survey results are still coming through and they are  currently being evaluated . We have had  a good response but if you have not completed the survey yet please do so as your input is necessary. When all the results have been evaluated and discussed they  will be published.

All board members were asked how we could increase the breeding numbers which will be further discussed at the next board meeting and I hope that an action plan put in place. If anybody is interested in breeding either  themselves or in a group and you want some information how to do this and what cost you would be up for you are welcome to contact me to discuss further and if I do not know the answers I have the  resources available to find out. Mares are available to lease or buy and in some cases you can get a mare at no cost.

Just as a general thought if we want stakes to increase which is ultimately what every owner wants especially at the grass roots level some how we have to encourage  as many people as possible on to a race course  especially younger generations and get them to place a bet, because if we can increase the TAB turnover that will have a direct effect on what is paid by HRNZ to the clubs.

If you have a horse running get as many of your family along to enjoy the racing. Nothing beats the thrill of your horse winning and the smile lasts  a very  long time. Getting a photograph  with a winning horse in the birdcage is also a fantastic thrill.


Happy punting

Greg Crawford

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