Owners Rep Board report 9 Nov

In no particular order I summarize as follows:

Survey results still being worked on but what I have taken as the key elements from the survey are as follows:

1)  Encourage Trainers to communicate more effectively with their owners. At present communication from some trainers very poor

2)  Increase stakes especially at the grass roots level. These are the bread and butter horses that keep the industry going and these are the horses that we have to look after.

3) Owners pay all the bills now and deserve better recognition on and off the track. Various suggestions have been made for better recognition from the clubs, HRNZ, Trackside.

4) The Handicap system requires a revamp or races  programmed better by the clubs

5) Owners  Having to pay to get into races  who have a horse running . An owners card would fix this

6) Encourage more owner syndication as many see this the only way to attract more owners as the expenses out way the returns


For those that live in the Manawatu area the Manawatu  Board have decided to put in lights at Manawatu raceway and they are currently investigating what   type of lighting is best  and are applying for funding. Next season most of their meetings will be mid  week and they consider that to attract sponsors they will have to race at night.

Super Club Concept , North Island clubs appear to be in favour best to say South Island Clubs fragmented  but at least all clubs have agreed to progress further ,  and they are talking with each other which is a positive start. Concept will be a slow process and I am sure changes will be made over time.

An alarming problem for  Harness racing, turnover is down for the start of this  season whilst the  other codes are up.  The board had a good discussion about this and will be further discussed at the next meeting. Hoping for an improvement by the next meeting   especially with  cup week and   christmas racing. Possible reasons as to why turnover is lowering could be due to lack of punters, declining interest in the quality of our racing, hot favourites deterring punters, smallish field sizes.    I would welcome any ideas for consideration  from anyone how we can increase turnover and numbers to the racetrack.

Dates calendar for the 2016/17 season being worked on now and  a draft was presented to the board

The Board had a presentation from Fast Track Insurance Broker Web Risk Services Ltd   who will be supporting New Zealand Racing.  Currently has been accepted by the Thoroughbred code and Harness Racing  have agreed in principal.  Firm is to launch an insurance initiative . They want to promote to individuals on the basis of “ if we can offer you an equivalent or better deal for your personal insurances, we ask you  to consider  placing your insurance through Fast Track Insurance, a percentage of what you pay going directly to racing to boost race stakes” Broker Web Risk Services is a leading NZ Based insurance broking and services firm. They are partly owned by NZ Brokers Group New Zealand, the third largest insurance buying group in the country. They have offices throughout New Zealand. There Web site goes live on the 18th November 2015 www.fasttrackinsurance.co.nz   It will be free to get a quote and who knows you may end up paying a cheaper premium even with the same insurance company you are with now. Although firm is mostly for the personal market they will look at commercial in some cases.

If anybody wants to make contact with me my cell number is 027 778 9493

Greg Crawford

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