Owners sold out by HRNZ

Our owners rep on HRNZ has sold us out and we are calling for his resignation immediately (not later when it suits him).  Here is the letter that Richard received a couple of days ago.  We want someone who will represent owners interests not the Breeders Assn takeover – they are funded by HRNZ and have quite a different agenda to us.

ken spicer

To:  NZ Trotting Owners Association   Attention:  Mr Richard Brosnan     

Dear Richard   

I am writing to advise the New Zealand Trotting Owners Association that I will be resigning from my position as their representative on the HRNZ board at the New Zealand Harness Racing AGM in August 2015.   The board of HRNZ has signalled to the industry its wish to do some restructuring at governance level and the first step in this process may be the merging of the Owners’ appointee with that of the NZSBA appointee.   

With this in mind, I have taken the opportunity of accepting a nomination from various clubs to stand as a club appointee, so that I may continue to have a part to play in the administration and governance of our industry.   I would like to thank the New Zealand Trotting Owners for the opportunity that I was given of being their appointed representative on the HRNZ board.  Contrary to what some people say, the concerns and interests of owners are at the heart of all the decisions made by the board and will continue to be so. It is also worth noting that almost every board member is an owner,  a large majority having substantial ownership interests.   

Whilst the New Zealand Trotting Owners Association did have a role to play in the past, I feel in its present form it is unable to provide any real tangible benefit to those involved and I feel this is reflected in the membership numbers and its fragmented structure.   HRNZ itself has now taken on a more proactive role in initiating owners’ incentives and communications as have the NZSBA whose membership is largely made up of owners.

Falling industry participant numbers do not make it viable to still have two such kindred bodies in my opinion.   Once again thank you and the Association for the opportunity I was given, I have enjoyed my time working with you all.   

Kind Regards   Ken Spicer


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